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Four Things Your Nonprofit’s Board of Directors Should Do to Start Out the New Year by Embracing Best Practices

There is more to running an ethical, accountable, and transparent nonprofit than just legal and accounting requirements. Boards of directors can set the tone for the organization by conducting regular reviews of core governing and operating policies and procedures. Check out these four things your board of directors can do to embrace ethical, accountable, and transparent values in the new year.
 Amy Coates Madsen Amy Coates Madsen submitted 260 days ago

Managing Difficult Board Members

You know who they are.They engage in sidebar conversations with other board members or even the
 Bunnie Riedel Bunnie Riedel submitted 2 years 112 days ago

Understanding Nonprofit Obstacles: What Headwinds Do Your Clients Face?

When you travel from New York to London, the shortest flight is about 6 hours and 45 minutes. When
 Susan Detwiler Susan Detwiler submitted 2 years 112 days ago

Nonprofit Board Effectiveness: Making Every Board Better by Modelling and Monitoring a Culture of Integrity

The following post about nonprofit board effectiveness was written by Standards for Excellence
 Bill Musick Bill Musick submitted 3 years 35 days ago

NANOE: New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit – A Review

This NANOE review originally appeared on Maryland Nonprofits blog. Read the original post at
 Melissa Sines Melissa Sines submitted 3 years 41 days ago