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Organizations across the nation partner with the Standards for Excellence Institute as Replication Partners to offer the Standards program to their communities. Replication Partners are trained to use all Standards for Excellence Institute program materials, educational resources, and training curricula. Nonprofits, if you are located a place where we have a replication partner or you are affiliated with one of the replication partners, you will access resources and pursue accreditation through their program.

As of November 2023, we have partners in the following geographic areas:

Alabama Alabama Association of Nonprofits
Delaware Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
Ohio Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Oklahoma Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofits
Tennessee and Memphis metropolitan area Tennessee Nonprofit Network
Texas (North Texas) SVP Dallas
Virginia Center for Nonprofit Advancement
Washington DC Center for Nonprofit Advancement

And serving the following subsectors of the nonprofit community:

Organizations affiliated with the American Nurses Association American Nurses Association
Chapters of The Arc The Arc of the United States
Nonprofits and leaders of nonprofits affiliated with the Center for Public Justice Center for Public Justice
Catholic dioceses, parishes, and Catholic Nonprofits Leadership Roundtable

Replication Partners





Title Category Address Contact
Alabama Association of Nonprofit Organizations Strengthening and supporting Alabama nonprofit organizations in serving their communities. Birmingham, Alabama 35229 205-879-4712
American Nursing Association Professional organization to advance and protect the profession of nursing. 8515 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910 800.274.4ANA
Leadership Roundtable Best practices and capacity building for Catholic dioceses, organizations and networks. 415 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017 202.635.5820
Arc of the United States Chapters of The Arc have the opportunity to access the Standards for Excellence program for free directly through The Arc’s replication partnership with the Standards for Excellence Institute. 1825 K Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20006 800.433.5255
Center for Nonprofit Advancement Strengthening, promoting and representing nonprofit organizations that directly impact and renew the communities of Washington, DC, Prince George's and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, and the state of Virgina. 1666 K St NW, Ste 440, Washington, DC 202.457.0540
Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA) Supporting the nonprofit community in Delaware through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research. 100 W 10th St, Wilmington, DE 19801 Accredited since 8/11/2014
Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations Providing leadership, education, and advocacy to enhance the ablility of Ohio's nonprofit organizations to serve their communities. 100 E. Broad St, Suire 2440, Columbus, OH 43215 888-480-6266
Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Equipping and strenghtening the Oklahoma nonprofit sector through training, consulting, advocacy, membership, networking and awards. 720 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Accredited since 2010
Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations Amplifying the impact of the community benefit sector in Pennsylvania through advocacy, collaboration, learning and support. 2040 Linglestown Rd, Suite 302, Harrisburg, PA 17110 Accredited since 2005
(717) 236-8584
Maryland Nonprofits Strenghtening organizations and networks for greater quality of life and equity in Maryland. 1500 Union Avenue, Baltimore, MD 410.727.6367
Standards for Excellence Institute Promoting the highest standards of ethics and accountability in nonprofit governance, management and operations. 1500 Union Avenue, Suite 2500, Baltimore, MD 21211 410.727.1726
Center for Public Justice PO Box 48368, Washington, DC 20002 (202) 695-2667
Tennessee Nonprofit Network State of Tennessee, plus the following counties in the Memphis metropolitan area in Mississippi: Tunica and Tate, and in Arkansas: Crittenden County) 66 S. Cooper St 5th Floor, Memphis, TN 38104 901-726-5725
SVP Dallas Part of a global network of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers dedicated to building their communities Dallas, Texas 75367 214-855-5520