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The Standards for Excellence Institute invites national, state, and local level nonprofit intermediaries to apply to become Replication Partners and offer the Standards program to their communities. Replication provides a unique opportunity for organizations to launch a fully developed, comprehensive program of nonprofit capacity building without spending years in program development.

Replication Partners are licensed to use all Standards program materials, including the Standards for Excellence code, educational resources, training curricula, accreditation program materials and public relations and public education information in a geographically defined area or for a specific group of affiliates, chapters, or related organizations.

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With the tremendous support of the Standards for Excellence Institute, the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) has implemented, developed and delivered a customized version of the code, training and educational resources, and an accreditation and recognition program. All of these have a proven impact on nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania and on the sector as a whole. CPA, legal, consultant and many other for profit companies serving the nonprofit sector continuously offer appreciation and affirmation for how the Standards benefits the work they do with nonprofit organizations.

Current Replication Partners

Alabama Association of Nonprofits
State Replication Partner

Emerging and registered nonprofit organizations, volunteer-led groups, and individuals who work and operate in Alabama can access Standards for Excellence resources through a membership with Alabama Association of Nonprofits.

American Nurses Association
Affiliate Replication Partner

Registered nurses of any area of specialization, clinical setting or work environment can access Standards for Excellence resources through a membership with the American Nurses Association.

The Arc of the United States
Affiliate Replication Partner

Chapters of The Arc have the opportunity to access the Standards for Excellence program for free directly through The Arc’s replication partnership with the Standards for Excellence Institute.

Center for Nonprofit Advancement
Regional Replication Partner

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement is the leading advocate and service provider supporting nonprofit organizations based in the greater Washington, D.C. area and Commonwealth of Virginia.

Center for Public Justice
Affiliate Replication Partner

The Center for Public Justice provides Standards for Excellence programming to participants in the Center's learning community for churches and other faith-based nonprofits, equipping them to integrate and fully embody their sacred mission in every area of organizational life.

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement
State Replication Partner

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement supports the nonprofit community in Delaware through advocacy, training, capacity building, and research.


Leadership Roundtable
Affiliate Replication Partner

Leadership Roundtable is an organization of laity, religious, and clergy working together to promote best practices in the management, finances, and human resource development of the Catholic Church in the U.S.

Maryland Nonprofits

Maryland Nonprofits is the sponsor of the Standards for Excellence Institute and offers a variety of training and resources to the nonprofit sector in Maryland.

Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations
State Replication Partner

Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations is licensed to offer the Standards for Excellence code and educational programming for nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Ohio.

Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits
Accrediting Replication Partner

As an accrediting partner, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is licensed to review applications for Standards for Excellence accreditation and recognition for nonprofit organization in Ohio.

Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Accrediting Replication Partner

As an accrediting partner, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations is licensed to review applications for Standards for Excellence accreditation and recognition for nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania.

SVP Dallas
Regional Replication Partner

SVP Dallas is part of a global network of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and changemakers dedicated to building their communities. The program is offered by SVP Dallas’ Nonprofit Impact Institute. As a Standards for Excellence® replication partner, SVP Dallas brings the full complement of Standards for Excellence® educational resources, expertise, and programming to the nonprofit organizations served by the organization’s 200+ Social Venture Partners (members).

Tennessee Nonprofit Network
State Replication Partner

Tennessee Nonprofit Network’s mission is to build the momentum of the nonprofit sector in Tennessee to create equitable, measurable, and lasting change.

Tennessee Nonprofit Network offers Standards for Excellence programming in the entire state of Tennessee plus the following counties in the Memphis metropolitan area outside of Tennessee (in Mississippi: Tunica and Tate, and in Arkansas: Crittenden County)