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The Standards for Excellence community is ready to answer your questions about our program and resources. Check out the information below to contact the Institute, a Replication Partner in your area, or a Licensed Consultant. 


Contact the Standards for Excellence Institute

The Standards for Excellence Institute, a program of Maryland Nonprofits, is located in Baltimore, MD.

1500 Union Avenue, Suite 2500
Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-727-6367

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Contact a Replication Partner

The Standards for Excellence Institute community includes Replication Partners across the country who are licensed to offer Institute program materials and resources to nonprofits in their region. If you're in a location served by one of our Replication Partners, you will access Standards for Excellence membership and resources through their program. Check to see if you are eligible for membership with one of our partners.

Contact a Licensed Consultant

Our licensed consultants have received extensive training to help nonprofit organizations implement the Standards for Excellence code. They are familiar with all of our resources and are licensed to use our exclusive materials in the advancement of their work and the nonprofits and other institutions with whom they work. Contact a Licensed Consultant.