Promoting Excellence and Trust in the Nonprofit Sector

Three Tips to Prevent Conflicts of Interest at Your Nonprofit

 From Amy Coates Madsen, Director of the Standards for ExcellenceThere have been a series of
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A Podcast Interview with Amy Coates Madsen

Last September, Standards for Excellence Director Amy Coates Madsen sat down with Ted Bilich of The
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The True Cost of Nonprofit Ethical Failures by Joan Harrington

Ethical indiscressions can take a major toll on a nonprofit's stakeholders and cause harm to the
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If Ruminating on Risk Inspires Worry, You’re Doing it Wrong

Pondering risk should inspire confidence and excitement about the possibilities, not excessive handwringing. Here are some practical ways to turn your risk worries into confidence-building conversations.
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Dissent: A Missing Ingredient in Nonprofit Governance by Joan Harrington and Ann Skeet

Dissenting Board Members often get labeled as problematic, when in reality they are an asset. An
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Diverse Discourse in Board Meetings by Anita Varma

Recruitment is only the first step in effective board diversity. Organizations must then actively
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Four Things Your Nonprofit’s Board of Directors Should Do to Start Out the New Year by Embracing Best Practices

There is more to running an ethical, accountable, and transparent nonprofit than just legal and accounting requirements. Boards of directors can set the tone for the organization by conducting regular reviews of core governing and operating policies and procedures. Check out these four things your board of directors can do to embrace ethical, accountable, and transparent values in the new year.
 Amy Coates Madsen Amy Coates Madsen submitted 234 days ago

Top Takeaways from Licensed Consulting Training

Ron Barrett, COGENCY GLOBAL's Vice President of Nonprofit Services, reflects on his experience participating in the 2018 Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultant Training.
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2019 Class of Licensed Consultants Advance Standards for Excellence® Mission

The Standards for Excellence Institute, an initiative designed to help nonprofit organizations operate more ethically and accountably, announces its 2018 Class of Licensed Consultants. 
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Failure to Address Succession Planning by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

A long-tenured executive director is uncertain about how much longer he intends to stay with his organization and has talked with a few members of the staff about the possibility of leaving. He has not spoken to the board or stated a clear intention, and the board is hesitant to address the issue out of respect. How can this board and executive director act ethically? Read this article from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, a Replication Partner based in Santa Clara, CA, to find out.  
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