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Terry Jenkins

Tracy Foundation

Quincy, IL 62305


Terry began his career in the military as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for the Army.  He continued his work as a Mental Health Therapist for the next thirteen years. During that time Terry worked with a myriad of clientele, managed an Employee Assistance Program, and worked with some of the region’s most at-risk youth.  After twelve years of direct service, Terry moved into leadership. Terry has provided nonprofit leadership to our region for the past twenty-one years. He has managed residential treatment for at-risk youth, a curriculum-based childcare for at-risk families, non-credit and adult education services for a local community college, workforce educational programs for a local community college, and most recently accepted a position with the Tracy Family Foundation as their Program Manager. Terry demonstrates diverse interest and experience over the course of his thirty years of non-profit work.  He, most recently, has been engaged in capacity building and collaboration efforts within our region. Initiatives include a Funder Collaborative, a Nonprofit Capacity Initiative, Lean for Nonprofits, and Video Storytelling.