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Anthony Williams

Beacon House, Inc.

Hagerstown, MD


A native of Washington County, Maryland, Anthony is a graduate of Smithsburg High School, Class of 1998. He attended Hagerstown Community College and graduated in 2000 with his Associate’s of Science in Biology. He then attended Shepherd University and graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and minor of Education in 2002. He begin his full-time teaching career right before his graduation from Shepherd at Abraxas Youth Services a Juvenile Corrections Facility located in South Mountain, Pennsylvania. Then went on to work in Frederick County, Maryland Public Schools for 5 years as both a middle and high school science teacher, became a department chair for the first time and became actively involved in the National Science Teachers Association, presenting at a couple of their conferences. He completed his Masters of Science in Education for specifically Technology Integration from Walden University Online in May of 2009. 

However, a passion to travel and see the world led Mr. Williams to spend four years overseas teaching in International Schools in Medellin, Colombia; Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia; and Bangalore, India. He then returned to the United States and taught for two years at Williamsport High School where he was department chair of Science and started his School Leaders Certificate Program at Hood College. He felt great to be home but needed to experience a large urban school district and test his abilities as a teacher and leader in this environment. He applied to Washington, D.C. Public Schools and accepted a position as the Teacher Leadership Innovation Fellow for Science at Anacostia High School. He quickly became a member of the DCPS Chancellor of Schools’ Teachers Cabinet that met monthly with the Chancellor. He worked hard as a Teacher and Department Chair of Science to improve instruction in science by mentoring, coaching, and modeling best practices for teachers in his department. While doing this work he had a very influential coach and mentor of his own, Caroline Hill. This relationship led him to become connected with City Bridge Education and Stanford University School of Design.

Through a professional development program during his second year at Anacostia High School with these two organizations and as he changed roles to be the Academic Dean at Anacostia High School; Mr. Williams decided to apply for a Breakthrough Schools Grant. He did not receive the grant but was determined to take a leap and design an innovative nonprofit using his Highly Effective Teacher Bonus from the previous year. This is how BEACON House, Inc. came into existence and was incorporated January 13th, 2017.    A few quick facts about me.  Avid traveler, 35 countries visited, lived in 4.  Completed All but my Dissertation for my Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  Member of NSTA and AAAS.  Member of the Standing Committee for Science Supervision and Coordination for NSTA.  Passionate about curriculum and professional development.  Believe that change in the world starts with you.