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Dr. Cynthia Macleay Campbell, EdD

Gold Apple Services LLC

6801 Oak Hall Lane
Columbia, MD 21045


Dr. Cynthia Macleay Campbell, EdD

Cynthia Macleay Campbell, EdD, believes in striving for excellence and particularly enjoys equipping individuals and organizations to shine at new levels of excellence. For over 25 years, Dr. Campbell has provided various educational services including instruction, professional development, curriculum development, and management. Her expertise includes lifespan education, professional copywriting, and developmental editing. Her doctorate focused on teacher development and adult learning, and she holds a Maryland Teaching Certificate. During her career, Dr. Campbell has

  • Designed educational programs and written materials for learners of various ages and backgrounds
  • Coached professional teachers and volunteer educators in teaching strategies
  • Guided and supported individuals and organizations in planning and completing large writing projects including books, dissertations, and curricula
  • Provided professional development for educators and leaders
  • Presented workshops at various local and national educational conferences
  • Consulted on website content and social media communication
  • Chaired working committees and built partnerships
  • Moderated large group discussion and planning

In Maryland, she serves on the board of the Maryland Association for Adult, Continuing and Community Education (MAACCE) and chairs MAACCE’s Advocacy and Communications Committee. As principal consultant for Gold Apple Services LLC, Dr. Campbell specializes in

  • Educational program consulting
  • Developmental editing
  • Copywriting, including outreach and curriculum
  • Coaching for writing projects
  • Program evaluation
  • Professional development for teachers and leaders.

She is honored to have completed her training as a Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant and looks forward to equipping nonprofit organizations to reach higher levels of excellence.