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Licensed Consultant Journey: Patricia G. Hanberry, MA

The Standards for Excellence® Institute continues to build a national network of qualified nonprofit consultants licensed to provide training, consulting, and support on the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In anticipation of the upcoming Licensed Consultant Training, we're highlighting the journeys of some of our consultants.


"The Licensed Consultant Training was incredibly valuable. It confirmed and enhanced my knowledge of all things nonprofit. I had been a nonprofit executive for 22 years at the time I participated in the training, so I thought I was pretty knowledgeable! The Licensed Consultant Training confirmed that my existing knowledge was current, and filled in the pieces of information I didn’t have already. Since becoming a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant I am certain that I am coaching my clients on widely accepted best practices. I am confident in the knowledge I share with my clients, and know that I am not simply relying on the experiences and training of my own nonprofit career. The materials you gain access to as a Licensed Consultant are just awesome. Absolutely awesome! I adapt the Standards for Excellence Institute training and educational resources and use them with every client in my consulting practice. Having the Institute’s PowerPoints and documents in an easily useable and adaptable format is just priceless. Even after the Licensed Consultant Training and access to the Institute’s materials and resources, I occasionally have questions. The staff at the Standards for Excellence Institute continue to be incredibly helpful. I know they are here to help all along the way." - Patricia G. Hanberry, MA, Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultant

The Licensed Consultant Training is an exclusive, professional development initiative available annually to a limited number of qualified applicants. To participate in this three-day licensing seminar you must successfully complete an application and screening process, including a review of professional experience conducted by Standards for Excellence Institute staff, and be accepted to the program. Learn more here.

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About the Author: Patricia Hanberry

Pat Hanberry has worked in the non-profit sector for 24 years, 23 of them as Executive Director/CEO of three separate mental health organizations. She was responsible for turning around one agency which was about to close its doors, more than doubling its revenue and staff in seven years. In her last position, she grew an $800,000 organization to $2.3 million and was responsible for leading a successful $3.6 million Capital Campaign during the 2008-2013 recession, resulting in the purchase and total renovation of an 11,000 square foot building. She is a respected non-profit leader in Frederick County, Maryland, having served on and led numerous non-profit collaboratives such as the Frederick Non-profit Alliance of the Chamber of Commerce, the United Way Council of Community Partners and the Mental Health Providers Council. She was responsible for developing the Boardwalk, an 18-hour training session for nonprofit board members, offered through the Chamber of Commerce. Prior to the non-profit sector, Pat worked as a management consultant in two international consulting firms, Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte Consulting) and Booz, Allen Hamilton, managing organizational assessment engagements in several government agencies and their non-profit grantees. Pat is a graduate of Albion College, Albion Michigan, and the University of Chicago, where she received her M.A. in Social Service Administration. She also holds a certificate from the Nonprofit Leadership Development Institute of the Support Center of Washington. Pat is passionate about the non-profit sector and dedicated to improving both its efficiency as well as its effectiveness. Well-versed in all aspects of nonprofit management, she specializes in board development and governance, organizational assessments, program evaluation, mission and vision development and strategic planning. Contact Pat: