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Licensed Consultant Journey: P.J. Chambers

The Standards for Excellence® Institute continues to build a national network of qualified nonprofit consultants licensed to provide training, consulting, and support on the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In anticipation of the upcoming Licensed Consultant Training, we're highlighting the journeys of some of our consultants.


"I participated in the Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant Training in October of 2015. My business primarily focuses on helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their online marketing efforts. While there is a consulting aspect to what we do, it certainly isn't focused on the specialized information detailed within the Standards for Excellence materials. Despite that, I have found that being a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant has proven to be immensely valuable to my personal and business development. While I am not using the certification to specifically bring on consulting clients for those wishing to obtain Standards certification, it has absolutely helped bring in additional clients to my business. Being able to list that I am a Licensed Consultant on proposals to potential nonprofit clients gives an extra sense of credibility and helps differentiate myself from my competitors who have not gone through the training. Approximately 40% of my business is with nonprofit organizations. While helping them with their online marketing campaigns, I am given glimpses of every aspect of their organization. The materials and training I received from the Standards Program has been an eye opener to say the least - I have been able to pick out potential hazards to nonprofit organizations based on comments in passing that I am able to raise a concerned voice to. I am able to show them the fantastic materials detailing the best practices for each individual Standard that I feel they may be missing, and suggest an expert in that specific area that they should consider contacting to help correct any issues before they become large problems. Each time, the clients have been thankful and impressed that their "web guy" was able to catch these items. I'm looking forward to keeping my certification up to date and continuing to help my clients with the materials." -P.J. Chambers, Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant.

The Licensed Consultant Training is an exclusive professional development initiative available annually to a limited number of qualified applicants. To participate in this three-day licensing seminar you must successfully complete an application and screening process, including a review of professional experience conducted by Standards for Excellence Institute staff, and be accepted to the program. Learn more here.

By PJ Chambers | June 02, 2017 | Licensed Consultant
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About the Author: PJ Chambers

P.J. Chambers is President of WebIXI, a family owned and operated Online Marketing Firm based in Harford County, Maryland. Founded in 1995, which is “literally forever in this industry,” Chambers and his family believe in improving the local community. In 2015, the four-man team was able to: Contribute $38,500 in “In Kind Donations”; Donate $4,150 in cash sponsorships; Raise $11,900 in sponsorships while volunteering; and volunteer 646 hours. This does not include contributions made by the WebIXI Nonprofit Advisory Group Initiative (which, to date, has helped place 6 board members, 11 volunteers and over $94,000 worth of business directly attributed to being a member of the free group).