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Licensed Consultant Journey: Bunnie Riedel

The Standards for Excellence® Institute continues to build a national network of qualified nonprofit consultants licensed to provide training, consulting, and support on the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. In anticipation of the upcoming  Licensed Consultant Training, we're highlighting the journeys of some of our consultants.

"When I signed up for the Licensed Consultant Training, I was nervous. How many times have I signed up for a seminar only to realize the time and expense wasn’t worth it? I was impressed with the vetting process of applicants for the course, and one of the first things that struck me when the training began was the high caliber of people in the room. The participants and Institute staff were dedicated, serious, and driven. An incredible amount of material is covered during the training; all the materials were top notch and the content was pure quality. At the conclusion, I strongly felt that the experience was worth every hour and penny I spent! Even with my nearly 30 years in nonprofit management, the Licensed Consultant Training was a learning experience. The Standards for Excellence brings together the ideas and notions I have had for many years, organizes them, and presents them in an accessible way. I would have spent years compiling the expanse of material covered in the course! I came away deeply impressed by the body of work that has been developed by the Standards for Excellence Institute. No need to reinvent the wheel – it’s all there! The quality of the materials and how they were delivered was top notch. At the end of the training, I was thrilled to receive a flash drive with all the materials we covered. It’s easy to reference the resources you need. Everything is user friendly, and the materials are frequently updated to reflect cutting-edge best practices. One of the things the Standards for Excellence Institute does well is emphasize service to the community. Our goal is to be servant leaders. It’s important to remind the world that this is what our role really is. The Standards for Excellence code is needed everywhere, and small and large nonprofits alike will benefit from implementing the code and meeting ethics and responsibility standards. Anyone who is passionate about their work in nonprofits, working with nonprofit boards, or serving as a nonprofit leader should look to the Standards for Excellence Institute as an amazing tool. It certainly brings a needed level of professionalism to the nonprofit sector." -Bunnie Riedel, Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant

The Licensed Consultant Training is an exclusive professional development initiative available annually to a limited number of qualified applicants. To participate in this three-day licensing seminar you must successfully complete an application and screening process, including a review of professional experience conducted by Standards for Excellence Institute staff, and be accepted to the program. Learn more here.

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About the Author: Bunnie Riedel

Bunnie Riedel is President of Riedel Communications. Her client list includes nonprofit organizations as well as federal and local government entities. With twenty-seven years of nonprofit management and start up experience, Bunnie has worked with nonprofit staff and Boards of Directors on nonprofit management, member renewal and retention, sound financial policy, conference planning, legislative advocacy and action planning. She has advised regulators at the state and federal level on best practices in communications policy and First Amendment issues. Bunnie has delivered speeches on media and regulatory policy in Seoul, Paris and Barranquilla as well as throughout the United States. Bunnie has written extensively on topics as diverse as media, religious liberty, chapter training and management, educating legislators and Board Development. Ms. Riedel has managed local, regional and national nonprofit organizations and she currently sits on the Board of Directors of Historic RittenhouseTown in Philadelphia. Ms. Riedel received her graduate degree from California State University Los Angeles. Learn more at