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Introducing: Standards for Excellence Institute® Licensed Consultants Class of 2021

Contact: Kat LaTour

Marketing and Communications Assistant, Standards for Excellence Institute


Introducing: Standards for Excellence Institute® Licensed Consultants Class of 2021

Baltimore, MD – March 3, 2021, The Standards for Excellence Institute, an initiative designed to help nonprofit organizations operate more ethically and accountably, announces its January 2021 Class of Licensed Consultants. Thirty-three class members hailing from various regions of the country completed the intensive, five-day virtual training seminar and can assist nonprofits nationwide. They bring years of experience to the table and represent organizations from 10 different states. The program was co-hosted by Momentum Nonprofit Partners, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultants use their extensive knowledge to help nonprofits strengthen their governance and management practices, in addition to meeting demands for nonprofit accountability. Licensed Consultants provide nonprofit organizations with organizational assessments, consulting, training, and assistance in the application process for national Standards for Excellence accreditation. Many licensed consultants will also work with licensed replication partners.


Members of Licensed Consultants Offer Their Insights:

“Momentum Nonprofit Partners was so pleased to collaborate with Standards for Excellence Institute to bring licensing training to consultants in our region of service, across the State of Tennessee and beyond. On a personal level as a participant in the training, I am thankful for the opportunity to deepen my practice in nonprofit capacity support.”

- Dorian Spears, Chief Partnerships Officer of Momentum Nonprofits of Memphis, Tennessee


“I had decades of experience working in, and with, nonprofit organizations as an employee and funder. Taking the Standards for Excellence Licensed Consulting training program provided me with an overarching framework and solid foundation for understanding and translating that experience to now working as a consultant with non-profits. The training program and the many resources provided will allow me to better help non-profits strive towards and achieve their mission and desired outcomes. I highly recommend this program.”

- Robin Mockenhaupt, Robin Mockenhaupt Consulting, LLC of Falls Church, Virginia


“The Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant program has already had such an impact on the way I work. The information presented was relevant to the times in which we are currently living, and the digital setting was surprisingly intimate and engaging. The course not only taught us how to implement the standards with our customers, but it also provided us with useful tools to grow our practices.”

- Shawna Mitcheltree, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources of Butler, Pennsylvania


“Having access to the Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant resources and peer network are invaluable for our clients and company,” she mentions. “This access allows us to streamline how we help our clients build better capacity and repurpose our internal resources so that our company's impact can be more significant within the nonprofit startup community.”

- Kimberly O’Neil, CEO of Giving Blueprint of Plano, Texas


“The Standards for Excellence Institute provides a wealth of information on topics that are important for nonprofits to understand and implement so they can strengthen and grow their organization - and their mission. This training gives consultants across the country standards and principles that all nonprofits, big and small, should strive for. I am so grateful to have been a part of this training that brought together an incredible community of consultants with such diverse experiences and expertise.”

      - Emilie Aracil Drasher, Esq., Baltimore Fiscal Partners of Baltimore, MD


Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant Class of 2021 posing for a quick screenshot.


Here are the most recent Licensed Consultants:

The Licensed Consultant Program has grown each year since its inception in 2006. A searchable directory of consultants can be found on the Institute’s website.

*Participated as a member of a licensed replication partner organization.


The Standards for Excellence Institute, an operating division of Maryland Nonprofits, uses the Standards for Excellence program as its vehicle for effective change. The Standards for Excellence program works to help nonprofit organizations act ethically and accountably in their management and governance, while enhancing the public’s trust in the nonprofit sector.


For those that are interested in becoming a Licensed Consultant, the Standards for Excellence will be offering their next training in Fall 2021. Sign up to be notified when applications are available here.

By Katherine Latour | March 03, 2021 | Nonprofit
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About the Author: Katherine Latour

Kat serves as the Marketing and Communications Assistant to keep members up-to-date on what is happening with the Standards for Excellence Institute.

Kat is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Policy. She started as a Marketing and Communications Intern, which lead her to become passionate about connecting members to relevant resources that help nonprofit networks reach their goals. She is thrilled to be starting her professional career with the organization that made her fall in love with the hard work and dedication to the common good that exists within the nonprofit sector.