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Top Takeaways from Licensed Consulting Training

The Fall 2018 Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant Training was generously sponsored by COGENCY GLOBAL. Ron J. Barrett, COGENCY GLOBAL's Vice President of Nonprofit Services, participated in the three-day training on nonprofit governance, management, and operations. Ron is a member of the newest class of Licensed Consultants. He recently reflected on his experience, his advice for people considering applying to become a Licensed Consultant, and why COGENCY GLOBAL decided to support the 2018 training. Read Ron Barret's article here.

The Licensed Consultant Training is an exclusive professional development initiative available annually to a limited number of qualified applicants. To participate in this three-day licensing seminar you must successfully complete an application and screening process, including a review of professional experience conducted by Standards for Excellence Institute staff, and be accepted to the program. Learn more here.

By Lydia Alcock | January 10, 2019 | Licensed Consultant
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