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2017 Class of Standards for Excellence Licensed Nonprofit Consultants

The Standards for Excellence Institute, an initiative designed to help nonprofit organizations operate more ethically and accountably, announces its 2017 Class of Licensed Consultants. Class members hailing from ten states recently completed the intensive, three-day training seminar and can assist nonprofits nationwide.

Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultants use their extensive knowledge of the multi-faceted initiative to help nonprofits strengthen their governance practices and exceed the rising demand for nonprofit accountability. They provide nonprofit organizations with organizational assessments, consulting, training, and assistance in the application process for national Standards for Excellence accreditation.

Cyrus N. White, who traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to participate in the program, offered, “My consulting practice keeps a tight focus on assisting nonprofit boards to govern with greater confidence, skill, and intended results. I rely on the use of evidence-based practices for credibility and impact. Leaving the Standards for Excellence training, I felt confident that these proven practices and resources would enhance my capacity to benefit clients.”

Kathy Bosin, a new Licensed Consultant from Easton, Maryland said of the training, “The content was both deep and broad, and the three days flew by. I know that I’ll be a much better consultant because of the training. I’m really glad that I invested in this opportunity.”

“I’m excited to share the program with nonprofits to build their capacity as well as the public trust,” said Jessica Sotelo, who traveled from Blackfoot, Idaho to become a Licensed Consultant. “I believe nonprofits have the opportunity to position their organization for greater fundraising and program success through the Standards for Excellence program.”

Heather Iliff, President and CEO of the Standards for Excellence Institute, shared that, “We are thrilled to welcome this prestigious group of individuals into our Licensed Consultant fold. Nonprofits around the country can count on these great professionals to help them implement these proven best practices in nonprofit management and governance.”

The Licensed Consultant Program has grown each year since its inception in 2006. A searchable directory of consultants can be found on the Institute’s website.

Here are the most recent Licensed Consultants:

Kathy Bosin, Easton, MD Allison Brody, Williamsburg, VA E. Brooke Carroll, Gaithersburg, MD Asha Clark, Rockville, MD Debbie DiVirgilio, Elkton, MD Shelly Gardeniers, Edgewater, MD Allison Albert Guercio, Baltimore, MD* Barbara Huston, Pasadena, MD Kaaryn Keller, Baltimore, MD Louise Koonce, Wilmington, DE Sung Kwon, Silver Spring, MD Heather Lalor, Annapolis, MD Heather Lamey, Anniston, AL Gerald Meck, Lititz, PA Susan Kate Moss, Memphis, TN* Kathleen Prasser, Hanover, MD Charlotte Rich, Arnold, MD Kim Righi, Galena, MD Kate Scherr-Adams, Baltimore, MD* Jessica Sotelo, Blackfoot, ID Taylor Strange, Washington, DC* Thaddeus Toal, Annapolis, MD Cyrus White, Wildwood, MO Jerry Wright, Oklahoma City, OK*

*Licensed through a Standards for Excellence Institute Replication Partner.

The Standards for Excellence Institute will offer the next Licensed Consultant program in the fall of 2018.  For information on the Licensed Consultant program, visit

The Institute, an operating division of Maryland Nonprofits, uses the Standards for Excellence program as its vehicle for effective change. The Standards for Excellence program works to help nonprofit organizations act ethically and accountably in their management and governance, while enhancing the public’s trust in the nonprofit sector.

By Lydia Alcock | November 20, 2017 | Licensed Consultant , Press , Uncategorized
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