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Dominique Stiger

Leap Strategic Partners

Rosedale, MD 21237


Dominique is a dedicated professional with a passion to share her corporate experience, heart for positive change, and operations skills with the nonprofit sector. Throughout her career, she’s held various roles where she has had the opportunity to work closely with the nonprofit sector. She worked at Social Solutions, a leading provider of performance management software for nonprofits, for 5 years. This experience allowed Dominque to gain invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that nonprofits face. Being in roles that ranged from business development and sales to technical support and leadership, she actively contributed to driving growth and operational excellence within the organization, helping to provide nonprofits across the country with a software solution that would help them to prove their efforts to outcomes and ultimately impact more people and gain additional funding.

Currently, Dominique is fortunate to work full-time at HubSpot, a renowned CRM, marketing and sales software company. In her role as a Senior Channel Consultant, she has the privilege of consulting with agencies across the country, including those that serve nonprofits. She finds it gratifying to collaborate with these agencies, helping them develop effective marketing strategies and business development initiatives explicitly tailored to the needs of nonprofit clients. It is her desire to continue being an advocate for nonprofits by sharing her experience within HubSpot to better serve the needs of the sector nationally, as well as globally.

Beyond her corporate engagements, she is also the proud founder of LEAP Strategic Partners, her own consulting agency. Through LEAP Strategic Partners, she has the opportunity to work with organizations that share a common goal of doing good in the world, including nonprofits. She has been privileged to assist nonprofits with various aspects of their operations, including marketing strategy, social media management, website updates, board advice, speaking engagements, and media relations. Collaborating with these organizations has been incredibly fulfilling, as she witnesses firsthand the positive change they bring to their communities.

She achieved a certification in Nonprofit Management from CCBC in 2022 which has given her additional insight into serving the nonprofit industry better as a consultant. Dominique is passionate about leveraging her skills and experience to empower nonprofits and facilitate their growth. She excels at developing tailored solutions that drive positive change. Being a trusted partner and advocate for nonprofits is a role she cherishes and is committed to making a lasting impact on the world through her work.