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Nicholas Hawkins

Grand Prairie, Texas


Nicholas Hawkins is a native Texan and a dedicated leader in the social impact ecosystem. He is a multifaceted professional with a keen focus on the powerful intersection of economic mobility, education, and technology.

Nicholas's journey has been marked by his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in communities. As he collaborates with both local nonprofit and for-profit organizations, he has effectively improved educational outcomes for countless individuals. By developing innovative grant programs, coordinating valuable resources, and establishing educational pathways through industry certifications, Nicholas has helped individuals build meaningful careers in high-demand industries.

One of his groundbreaking contributions to the nonprofit sector is his pioneering work with blockchain technology. Nicholas has been at the forefront of this revolution, publishing numerous articles that showcase the potential of decentralized technology. His insights have demonstrated how this technology can empower communities and transform traditional institutions by building collective power.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nicholas takes on vital roles in various organizations. As the President of The Community Growth Project and a Member of Social Venture Partners Dallas, he actively drives initiatives that foster social progress and sustainable growth. Additionally, he is the visionary Founder of 40acres DAO, a platform that exemplifies his dedication to creating opportunities and safe spaces for individuals of all backgrounds to thrive in this emergent era.

Nicholas's passion for creating an inclusive and supportive environment is evident in all his pursuits. His ultimate aspiration is to empower people from diverse backgrounds with the resources, support, and confidence they need to flourish in the ever-changing world.

Nicholas is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant for the Nonprofit Impact Institute with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas). For more information on the Nonprofit Impact Institute, please contact