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Aabid Shivji

Grapevine, Texas


Aabid is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, helping to deliver technology solutions for clients within the Public Sector. He’s worked on implementations within the State government space and has had experience with leading multiple functional threads, as well as successfully integrating between multiple personnel groups to create internal and external synergies for successful delivery of enterprise-level systems. Aabid develops and maintains organization charts to divide responsibilities based on the phase that a team is in and the resources, experiences, and skill sets that are available to leverage. Aabid joined Deloitte Consulting in February 2018 after graduating from Southern Methodist University, where he started out as a Business Technology Analyst.

Aabid has been fortunate to have an opportunity to break into the social impact space in Dallas in various capacities, in addition to his day-to-day career responsibilities. One of his primary mechanisms of engagement in the space is as a Board member for Social Venture Partners – Dallas, where he also serves as one of the Leads for the Opportunities Committee, working with other volunteers to support social enterprises deliver their impact as effectively as possible based on their unique needs. Additionally, Aabid is serving as the VP of Professional Development for the Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce (DJCC).

Aabid has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy from SMU. Since graduation, he has also completed the Dana Juett Residency Program, which is an intensive curriculum focused on helping young professionals gain exposure to the Dallas philanthropic ecosystems and the various dimensions at play. He has also spent several years coaching and competing in forensic debate.

Aabid is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant for the Nonprofit Impact Institute with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas). For more information on the Nonprofit Impact Institute, please contact