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Karem Montemayor

Dallas, Texas


Karem Montemayor is a multi-faceted professional currently based in Dallas, Texas. She is currently employed at Deloitte within their ESG practice, where she utilizes her strategic skills to help clients solve emerging business problems. Beyond her work at Deloitte, Karem is deeply committed to community engagement and actively stays involved with several communities across Dallas. She is a partner at Social Venture Partners, a global philanthropic network committed to driving social change, creating sustainable impact, and proposing innovative solutions to pressing social issues. She also serves on the Arts Board for the City of Irving, where she uses her expertise to promote and advocate for the arts in her community. Additionally, Karem is an active volunteer of Creative Mornings Dallas, a monthly breakfast lecture series for creatives, helping to develop programs and avenues for connection. Whether through her work at Deloitte, her volunteer efforts, or her involvement with the arts, Karem is dedicated to fostering community and creating lasting change through passion and curiosity.  

Karem is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant for the Nonprofit Impact Institute with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas). For more information on the Nonprofit Impact Institute, please contact