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Danielle King

Dallas, Texas


Danielle King serves as the Program Manager of Capacity Building for Social Venture Partners Dallas working dynamically across all SVP Dallas events and programs.

Danielle works closely with the SVP Dallas team to plan and facilitate events, manage sponsorship and partnerships, and ensure that team members, partners, and the greater community are kept apprised of the collective work to do good, better. She enjoys working on multiple projects, overseeing logistics, and learning from our distinguished SVP Partners.

In a previous life, Danielle worked as a commercial film production manager for production companies shooting commercials all over the U.S. for everything from Subaru to HEB, even hanging out of a helicopter in Mexico. However, since joining SVP Dallas, Danielle has loved being immersed in the Non-Profit Sector and having the opportunity to apply her project management skills to events and projects like bigBANG!, SILS, the digital gatherings, Opportunities Committee, and more.

Danielle’s greatest achievement is being the mom to two beautiful boys, Jackson, and Julien. This active family can often be found exploring a hiking trail or beach, enjoying the latest showing at the DMA or the Kimbell, or just taking their favorite evening walks together.

Danielle is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant for the Nonprofit Impact Institute with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas). For more information on the Nonprofit Impact Institute, please contact