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Gwen Echols

Dallas, Texas


Gwen is an experienced professional with a record of driving progress in the business and nonprofit community.  She is presently a nonprofit advisor and board member and has supported agencies in leadership roles for over 25 years.   She has also provided mentorship and coaching to social impact leaders and entrepreneurs since 2018.  Her most recent professional work was with Bank of America, where she was employed for over 12 years.  During her tenure, she performed in roles on the Bank’s merger team, in technology development, and most recently through 2003, where she was a Senior Vice President and relationship team leader for the sale of corporate treasury services.

While at Bank of America, Gwen’s sales achievement in corporate treasury services benchmarked in the top 20% of her worldwide peer group.  She was nationally recognized for the ability to turnaround difficult client relationships and selected for the Leading From The Front senior executive development program.  To help promote volunteerism, Gwen acted as a management advisor to the Bank of America Volunteer Board.  During that time, she helped promote the volunteer efforts of 20,000 Bank of America employees in the region.  She was the recipient of the Dallas banking division Volunteer Leadership Award in 1997, and a national nominee for the Bank’s LEND Volunteer Leadership Award in 1998.

Gwen is a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant for the Nonprofit Impact Institute with Social Venture Partners Dallas (SVP Dallas). For more information on the Nonprofit Impact Institute, please contact