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James Wilson


McLean, VA 22101


Dr. James S. (Jim) Wilson, D.M., offers training, mentoring, and coaching to aspiring and experienced commercial, defense and nonprofit managers, leaders, and leadership teams.

An organization structure and organizational leadership consultant, he is a Principal of the SLOFLT Group, focused on supporting and helping guide strategically led, operationally focused leadership teams. The group helps clients structure their leadership development and engagement; address critical business and program challenges; execute new leader assimilation and on-boarding; develop high-performance cultures, organizational structure, and growth; and short and long-term leadership planning.

A key focus of his personal activities is support to individual leaders and leadership teams of non-profit groups and youth-serving development organizations. As part of his ongoing drive to see non-profit organizations achieve success, he has supported the College of Southern Maryland’s Nonprofit Institute and Marietta College’s McDonough Center for Leadership and Business Nonprofit LEAD programs, with seminars and board development courses, and currently supports various nonprofit clients as they expand their market reach and program performance success.