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Valencia Warnock King

The Keighton Group, LLC

Owings Mills, MD 21117


Valencia Warnock King is an accomplished executive with an extensive background in non-profit leadership. She is an innovative and seasoned professional with a proven track record of accomplishments and over twenty years of work in human services and philanthropy.  As a leader Valencia is known to make things happen. Her entrepreneurial spirit tends to gravitate towards organizations and projects that have great potential but may be challenged with the knowledge base or infrastructure to move forward or demonstrate sustainability. She is a keen a strategic thinker and enjoys being a thought partner with boards, colleagues, and other professionals on every level.  

Valencia proudly led a seemingly hopeless effort to retain a vital community resource after funding was depleted. The former Boys and Girls Club of Central Maryland was scheduled to close its doors in 2005. Mrs. Warnock King galvanized the city, community leaders, and a local non-profit to help keep the doors opened. She led grant development and fundraising efforts that resulted in the successful procurement of over $1.5 million in funding needed for turnaround support to reopen the community center. The new center named after NBA basketball star and Baltimorean Carmelo Anthony was reopened in less than a year after its closing.

A member of the C-suite, Valencia has served as Chief Operating Officer at Excel Academy Public Charter School in Washington D.C. and Associated Black Charities in Baltimore Maryland. She Inspires confidence and respect and leads with authority. Valencia values the contributions and achievements of all staff and promotes harmony and teamwork. She uniquely demonstrates effective commitment of resources, staff, funds, and time to complete projects and goals without lowering accomplishments. Excel Academy was entering its fifth year of operations when Valencia joined its staff. Under her leadership she garnered support of the Board and CEO to revise the org chart. Valencia focused on identifying the strengths/talents of faculty and staff to make innovative and effective changes to positions, titles, and roles and responsibilities. In addition, she hired a second principal to support the growth of the school. These decisions along with other viable solutions provided the academic team with the critical support needed to be successful. As a result, Valencia sphere-headed the efforts for the Academy receiving its first Middle States accreditation.

Prior to her departure at Associated Black Charities, Mrs. Warnock King led the organization in becoming the fiscal administrator for Baltimore City’s first Children and Youth Fund (BCYF). The fund is a $12-million-dollar non-lapsing fund created to support children and youth living in Baltimore City. Valencia negotiated and assisted in creating the contracts for individuals working on the fund. She also created and monitored the administrative budget. In addition, she provided leadership for staff working on the Fund and participated in meetings with the Mayor, City Council President, and other prominent stakeholders providing updates and answering critical questions regarding the progress of the Fund. The addition of this fund increased the organization’s annual revenue from $17-million dollars to nearly $30-milllion dollars.    

Valencia has fervent passion for the empowerment and development of children, youth, and young adults. She feels when children are properly educated, supported, and provided access to adequate resources their chance of thriving significantly increases. Over the years, she has demonstrated an extraordinary innate ability to initiate programs and develop strategies to support this population.

Valencia considers herself a career learner. She is eager to participate in professional development programs. She takes pride in the ability to apply her learning and turn weaknesses into strengths. She focuses on results, achieves optimal outcomes, and always strives to exceed the norm.