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Karen W. Cooper

Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council

Largo, MD 20774


Karen Cooper is a consultant and trainer with experience working with non-profit organizations.

Karen's passion for working with non-profits began with her work as a community activist where she was president of the Petworth Civic Association. Her work with the civic association lead her to serve as an elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner where she continued to serve the community. After serving two terms as a Commissioner, Karen continued her work by becoming a Board member of Rock Creek Conservancy and Edgewood Brookland Family Support Collaborative. Serving on these boards offered Karen the insight into Board governance and fiscal oversight. Although the mission for each organization was different, they both encountered similar problems in policy development and oversight.

For the past four years Karen has worked with Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council with the primary responsibility of human resource management and board development and engagement.

Karen has a Master of Science in Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.