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Kimberly Alexander

Standpoint Consulting

Memphis, TN 38104


Kym Alexander is a Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant focusing on organizational health through facilitating connection and helping to enhance and leverage the existing expertise of all the contributors in an organization.

Kym’s education in acting and theater arts led to a deep passion for collaboration, storytelling, and using resources creatively. Kym has worked in training and development, event planning, marketing, project, and program management, as well as supporting several organization’s charitable giving initiatives. Her experience in corporate, small business, and startups includes multiple industries: food service, law firms, financial advisors, direct sales, and consumer products. Kym brings a breadth of experience in working with limited resources and competing priorities in different industries that allows her to both critically and creatively solve problems and implement strategies to successfully achieve ambitious goals.

Kym is passionate about bringing human centered perspectives to her work, which she does in the following ways:  

  • Coaching leaders to recognize their own innate leadership capacity by identifying the contributions that only they can bring to the organization and finding creative ways to utilize their available resources and the abilities of their team members to lead effective and efficient organizations.  
  • Facilitating leadership teams in interactive Strategic Business Planning sessions to create a guiding framework to determine strategies, tactics, and to measure priorities to successfully execute their goals.
  • Consulting on communication plans and providing public speaking coaching to executives and brand ambassadors to ensure an organization’s vision is clearly understood.
  • Curating results-based experiences that guide leaders’ and organizations’ decision making.

Kym is a lifelong learner committed to both personal growth and learning new strategies and ways to assist clients. Kym is married to Justin Alexander, and they have an amazing daughter, Lila.