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Tiffany Turner-Allen

Nonprofit Prince Georges County

Bowie, MD 20720


Tiffany Turner-Allen- Executive Director,  Her passion and work has been intense and across various issues of public health and education; her areas of expertise include Violence in the Black Community, Violence Against  Women, Engaging Black Men and Boys, HIV & AIDS, Adjudicated Youth, Educational Equity, Animal Abuse, Bullying, School to Prison Pipeline, Infant Mortality, Healthcare Reform & Access, Food Deserts, Technology & the Digital  Divide, Returning Citizens, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking  and Stalking. As a proven leader with remarkable dedication, she is driven to experience new things, people, and opportunities and lives by her desire and determination to enhance the lives of others! She was the Program Director for Ujima – The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community, where she focused on developing the organization’s communication platforms, training, education, outreach and policy advocacy around domestic violence, sexual violence and community violence in the Black community. Her work covered the entire US and the territories. Tiffany is currently embarking upon the next and natural phase in her career as the Executive Director of Nonprofit Prince George’s County. Her mission is to see her community, Prince George’s County, MD, become a model of racial equity. Lastly, she is very proud of her roles as mother, wife, daughter, pet-parent, friend, advocate, activist, trainer, mentor and mentee.