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Michelle Sullivan

Nonprofit Institute College of Southern Maryland

Accokeek, MD 20607


Michelle Sullivan joined the Nonprofit Institute at CSM in the fall of 2016 where she serves as a resource for nonprofits as they navigate the ever-increasingly complex landscape of the nonprofit sector. Sullivan is also the executive director of All Ages Read Together (AART), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating children in need with free preschool programs in their communities. Michelle accepted her position as leader of the organization in 2016, a position held up to that point, by one of the original co-founders, Alongside her board of directors, she helped the organization successfully transition from a working to a governance board.    Michelle has been involved with nonprofits organizations in some capacity since college and has served in various capacities, including volunteer, middle management, board director, and executive. This wide-ranging experience combined with her law background gives her the experience to assist with any nonprofit challenge.