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Kimberley Smolik

Washington, DC 20017


Kim Smolik, Ed. D, has served as an Executive Partner and CEO of Leadership Roundtable, an organization that promotes the use of best leadership and management practices, including Standards for Excellence, in the Catholic sector. Under her leadership the organization consistently demonstrated agility, innovation, and critical convening power of top leaders to offer paths forward during major crises facing the Catholic Church, including the twin crisis of abuse and leadership failures, financial crises, and the Covid pandemic. She also helped lead the development of a transformational model for leadership and management excellence in Catholic institutions. Throughout her career, Kim has proven to be a dynamic and committed advocate for leadership development, community service, and social justice. She has a passion for helping others to become conscious, collaborative, creative leaders whose skills serve a purpose-driven mission and have measurable impact. Kim founded the Nonprofit Servant Leadership Program that offers Catholic young adults the opportunity to give back as they develop their leadership and nonprofit management skills during one year of full-time service in Washington, DC. Kim also contributes to national and international thought leadership in the Catholic Church. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous Catholic gatherings in the United States and abroad. Kim received her Doctorate of Education from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. Her dissertation research focused on racial justice in the workplace, adult transformational learning, and organizational development, particularly in a Catholic context. She has an MA in Curriculum Development and Cross-Cultural Education from the University of Alabama, and a BA in History and Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Kim is a certified Co-Active ® leadership and executive coach, a certified Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator, and an experienced facilitator in diversity and racial justice trainings. Kim has extensive cross-cultural expertise, having taught high school, college, and adult social justice advocacy programs in Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico. She has worked in and traveled to over 65 countries.