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John Bazzanella

Momentum Nonprofit Partners

Memphis, Tennessee

As Chief Operating Officer for Momentum Nonprofit Partners, John Bazzanella is responsible for financial management and all aspects of daily operations and human resources administration. John holds a Master of Nonprofit Administration degree from the University of San Francisco, a Master of Business Administration degree from California State University, Sacramento, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Santa Clara University. John is a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional and has worked and volunteered in the nonprofit sector for more than 29 years. John has served as a nonprofit board chair and done consulting work with nonprofits in areas of finance, strategic and business planning, board governance, and fundraising. John held several roles in Momentum’s legacy organization including Director of Programs and Consulting. In addition to his operational responsibilities with Momentum, John regularly designs and facilitates workshops for Momentum in a number of subject areas and provides customized coaching and consulting services. A native Californian, John began his journey in the nonprofit sector as a summer volunteer for a residential camp program for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Over a span of nineteen years with that organization, culminating in him serving as the Director for the last six years of his tenure, John developed a deep appreciation for service to others and the power of small acts of kindness. Those early lessons continue to drive his commitment to service and his passion for the potential of the nonprofit sector. Outside of work John enjoys spending time with his very supportive wife and their two young sons.