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Cortney Fisher

Rockville, Maryland 20847


Cortney Fisher, JD, PhD is currently the Deputy Director of the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA), a position she has held since 2017 (with a nine month tenure as the Interim Executive Director).  As Deputy Director, Dr. Fisher manages the victim support services, prevention initiatives, and educational programming to the community regarding power-based violence.  She also manages the logistics and operations of the organization. Dr. Fisher is adjunct faculty in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice working on issues related to the victim’s experience in the criminal justice process, gender-based violence, and the role of procedural justice for both victims and offenders.  Prior to Dr. Fisher’s position at JCADA, she was the Deputy Director for Victim Services in the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants in the District of Columbia, where she managed the policy and program development initiatives of the agency, including management of the DC Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program, the District’s continuums of care for domestic violence and sexual assault victims, the District’s victim services response in a mass disaster, performance and evaluation initiatives related to victim services, and services for victims of homicide and attempted homicide.  Cortney received her PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland in Fall 2014, with research interests in victims’ rights, victims in the criminal justice system, violence against women, victim services program development and program and policy evaluation.  Prior to her service in the District of Columbia, Cortney was the Executive Director of the Maryland Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, a state-agency which provides compensation to crime victims for the reimbursable costs of their crime.     For three years prior to her work as the CICB Executive Director, Cortney was the Senior Victim Advocate in the Office of the Victim Advocate at the University of Maryland, representing victims of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking on campus. Cortney has held several victim services positions in criminal justice and community-based organizations, including a position as the Director of Policy and Program Development at the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, where she managed a project in collaboration with the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention to develop procedures for holding criminal justice agents accountable for their responses to crime victims, and as an Attorney Advisor with the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation.