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Rebecca Murphy

RCM Strategic Consulting

Baltimore, MD


 Rebecca Murphy

As the Principal of RCM Strategic Consulting, Rebecca leverages her more than 25 years experience in government, community development, nonprofit organizations, politics, and philanthropy to provide a comprehensive, mission-driven suite of services focused on nonprofit training and consulting, economic development, and public-private partnerships. Her current clients include businesses, governments, foundations, and nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. Specific areas of expertise include program design and development, strategic planning, capacity building and technical assistance, community engagement, and project oversight and management, as well as philanthropic, communications, public policy, and real estate development consulting.

RCM Strategic Consulting has a robust practice in public/private partnerships and collaborations, working with organizations to strategize and form the relationships necessary to take themselves or their projects to the next level. Rebecca is passionate about doing work that is focused on positive social change, particularly addressing economic and racial inequality, discrimination against women, people of color, and the LGBTQA community. Throughout her career, her work in community development, philanthropy, marriage equality, and parks and recreation, has reflected that commitment. When she isn’t working, Rebecca can be found puttering around cities admiring historic architecture and finding interesting wines to drink, enjoying an Orioles game, sailing on the Chester River, or relaxing on a beach somewhere with her Kindle.