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Bridget Ciaramitaro

Ciaramitaro and Associates, LLC

Memphis, TN


 Bridget Ciaramitaro

Bridget Ciaramitaro is an anthropologist, founder and president of Ciaramitaro and Associates, LLC a consulting firm with the mission to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge, information, strategies and tactics to make positive change happen.    

Ciaramitaro is an organizational development consultant. She works with nonprofit organizations in visioning, strategic business planning, program planning, curriculum development, board development, fundraising and more. Ciaramitaro developed and is implementing a twelve-week series, Before You Ask, for the Assisi Foundation of Memphis. The series is offered three times per year and has benefited nearly 1,000 nonprofit organizations.    Ciaramitaro has conducted numerous qualitative research projects in neighborhoods and communities all over the Delta including various neighborhoods in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve counties in eastern Arkansas, Fayette County in Tennessee and an additional twenty counties in West Tennessee.  This research has given a voice to the many communities, sectors, groups and individuals who live and work in this region. The research projects have also informed decisions made by institutions to improve the quality of life in the Delta including the East Arkansas Planning and Development District, The Memphis Fire Department, Tennessee Valley Authority, Veteran Affairs Medical Center Memphis, Memphis, Light Gas and Water, Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis, Memphis and Shelby County Health Department, hospitals, health care providers, Area Agencies on Aging, local governments and grassroots organizations such as neighborhood associations, community development corporations, civic clubs, churches and more.   

Ciaramitaro has won regional, national and international awards for these research projects including International Praxis Awards, American Public Power Association Award, Neighborhoods USA Leadership Award, National Communicator Award and the South Eastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging positive image of aging award. In 1999, Ciaramitaro was named one of one hundred leaders nationally in the self-determination movement.