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Allison Brody

Director of Community Resource Development and Engagement
Williamsburg (Virginia) Health Foundation

4801 Courthouse Street
Suite 200
Williamsburg, VA 23188


Allison is the Director of Community Resource Development and Engagement at the Williamsburg (Virginia) Health Foundation where she leads the Foundation's work to help Williamsburg-area nonprofit agencies achieve greater impact. She also engages the community in the work of creating health opportunity for all who live theGreater-Williamsburg community.

Since graduating from Harvard more than 25 years ago, Allison's career has been spent in all forms of communication and advancement of nonprofit organizations.

Allison has most recently taught on the importance of storytelling, how to help board members raise money (without asking for money), and more.

Allison spent many years as a successful prospect researcher and grantwriter, and later, as a director of development.