Promoting Excellence and Trust in the Nonprofit Sector

Valerie Pletcher

Chief Development Officer
Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Fairfax, VA


 Valerie Pletcher

Do you want to inspire and achieve excellence?

Whether you are leading a legacy organization or running a new nonprofit, implementing standards can build community trust, advance your nonprofit's effectiveness and increase public support. I can help you implement the Standards for Excellence® code. My areas of specialty include organizational assessment, mission strategy and evaluation, leadership and volunteer planning, resource development assessment and planning, and instituting a standard for ethics and accountability.


Valerie Mullen Pletcher is a mom of three, a professional fundraiser, and nonprofit innovation specialist currently serving as chief development officer at the Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Valerie is a graduate of the inaugural class of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)/IoF International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising, is a Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant and holds a B.A. in Speech Communications from West Chester University (PA). As a professional fundraiser, Valerie has helped great organizations raise more than $40 million throughout her career by innovating and developing programs that put people first. She is in continuous pursuit of ways to create best in class fundraising programs through a better understanding of the intersection of data, psychology, and human connections.

Valerie’s passions include helping nonprofits use standard practices to develop and achieve excellence, teaching youth about fundraising and philanthropy, and using public media for good. Her love of civic engagement, technology, and media spurred her early career in public broadcasting where she quickly developed remarkable multi-platform sponsorship packages for funding and distributing major market TV program productions and companion K-12 education resources.