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Brigette Rouson

1521 Otis Street NE
Washington, DC 20017


 Brigette Rouson

Brigette Rouson is Principal Consultant of Rouson Associates, a consulting practice dedicated to a just society and vibrant communities. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, focused on building effectiveness.

Previously, Brigette served as senior consultant for Mosaica: The Center for Nonprofit Development and Pluralism; program director of Alliance for Nonprofit Management; senior consultant for Management Assistance Group; and a consultant with Maryland Nonprofits. Her work includes guiding strategic planning, Board and staff development, fundraising strategy and engagement. 

Brigette has contributed to numerous publications – popular and professional – including Embracing Cultural Competency; Evaluating Capacity Building (Fieldstone Alliance, 2009); and Evaluation of Capacity Building: Lessons from the Field (Alliance for Nonprofit Management, 2004). 

She is a graduate of Howard University (B.A.), Georgetown University Law Center (J.D.), and University of Pennsylvania (M.A., and all coursework completed toward a Ph.D. focusing on communications and culture experience.