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Sima Rae Osdoby

2 Stevenage Circle
Rockville, MD 20850


Sima Osdoby is a consultant to international and domestic organizations focusing on strengthening democratic institutions, civil society and civic engagement. She has worked in the US, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia with organizations such as National Democratic Institute, International Foundation for Election Systems, OSCE and as a Senior Partner in Global Concepts and Communication.  Over four decades she has worked with nonprofits in the US and overseas as a staff member, CEO, founder, board member, consultant, executive coach, trainer, guest speaker, reviewer, and advisor. Her recent work has included a focus on executive transitions, organizational assessments, strategic planning, women’s leadership, and the role of civil society in democracies.

She was a registered lobbyist on arms control for Women's Action for New Directions; legislative coordinator for the national conventional arms control coalition and chaired the effort by a coalition of national women’s organizations promoting appointment of highly qualified women to diplomatic and national security leadership posts. She has taught nonprofit management at the graduate level and is a Peer Reviewer for Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations’ Standards for Excellence program. She has written about social and economic consequences of limited nuclear war, women's political leadership and citizen participation.