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Cynthia Wyrick Bledsoe

Blue Stage Group

Beaufort, South Carolina


 Cynthia Wyrick Bledsoe

Cynthia is one of the last few people to co-create and work intimately with global visionary and pioneer quantum futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Today, Cynthia continues Barbara’s legacy and works as an Ambassador for Conscious Evolution, with the goal of achieving a more conscious and abundant future for the human species and the planet. Her consultancy creates co-creative synergy between various vocational areas such as the arts, health and wellness, media, spirituality, and many more. Cynthia is a champion for social impact organizations and studied social entrepreneurship at Duke University in the Executive Nonprofit Leadership program. As a global SYNCON facilitator, she weaves the power of co-creation into a visionary problem-solving system, eliminating traditional barriers and creating instantaneous collaboration in a socially empowered setting. Her work in conscious media as an executive producer, media host, writer, and content creator helps reshape our social narrative for a more loving, creative, and vibrant future and creates positive experiences for humans to imagine and connect with their own unique talents and greatest heart’s desire. Adapting conscious innovation to the wellness community, Cynthia guides individuals personally and professionally to balance and tap their innate ability to maintain focus and wellness to become their highest and best selves. It is this integration of innovation across multiple sectors that ignites Cynthia’s vision, which she happily shares as a keynote speaker, writer, and consultant. She invites you to co-create with her for a new human and a new earth experience.