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Nonprofit Fraud: Did this Board act ethically? By the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Boards have an ethical duty to understand and fulfill their responsibilities to a nonprofit, including rigorous financial oversight. If a nonprofit loses $900,000 over eight years due to theft by the executive director, was the board acting unethically?  Check out this article from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, a Santa Clara, California-based Replication Partner,  to find out.[…]
By Lydia Alcock | October 26, 2018 Read More>

Upholding Fundraising Standards and Ethics

The Standards for Excellence Institute has been following a news story in Baton Rouge that raises important questions related to best practices in governance and management of nonprofit charitable resources, and provides a sharp example of the importance of embracing best practices, as articulated in the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector.[…]
By Amy Coates Madsen | June 27, 2018 Read More>

Is Your Executive Director A Farmer? (And that’s not a bad thing!)

The role of an Executive Director is to acquire and husband all the resources of an organization, so those resources can best serve the mission. These resources may be dollars, good will, facilities or, most importantly, the people who are making a difference.[…]
By Susan Detwiler | April 26, 2018 Read More>

The One Thing Strategic Plans Forget

Ahh, the glorious feeling of looking at the month after next on your calendar and seeing whole empty days. How easy it is to be magnanimous and say “yes” when asked to take on a job that isn’t due for two months. So we say “yes,” and put it on the calendar. When another someone asks us to do something in the future, we again check our calendar, see that it’s still pretty empty, and again say “yes.” This happens a few more times, and all of a sudden, the 1st week in December starts looking pretty[…]
By Susan Detwiler | January 10, 2018 Read More>

2017 Class of Standards for Excellence Licensed Nonprofit Consultants

The Standards for Excellence Institute, an initiative designed to help nonprofit organizations operate more ethically and accountably, announces its 2017 Class of Licensed Consultants. Class members hailing from ten states recently completed the intensive, three-day training seminar and can assist nonprofits nationwide.Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultants use their extensive knowledge of the multi-faceted initiative to help nonprofits strengthen their governance practices and exceed the[…]
By Lydia Alcock | November 20, 2017 Read More>

Eleven Anne Arundel County Non-Profits To Receive Training in Best Management Practices

The Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) and the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County (ACAAC) recently announced the selection of eleven nonprofit Arts and Culture organizations to participate in an 18-month program training program with the Standards for Excellence Institute. The training program will run from January 2018 through April 2019.The eleven organizations are the Annapolis Opera, Annapolis Arts District, Annapolis Film Festival, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Chesapeake[…]
By Lydia Alcock | November 16, 2017 Read More>

5 Ways to Make Changes That Stick

As a Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultant, I sometimes see organizations crumble when faced with change. Both internal and external factors force organizations to change their way of operating and fulfilling their missions. When external changes arise, (such as changes in grants, donors, or volunteers) nonprofit organization are left to cope with limited resources. Internally, nonprofit organizations also cope with changes in technology, staff, and funding. These changes are[…]
By Rob Levit | September 11, 2017 Read More>

Congratulations To Our Latest Organizations! (8/24/17)

  The Standards for Excellence Institute would like to congratulate several organizations who recently earned or renewed their accreditation under the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector:  The Arc of Westchester, Hawthorne, NY Boys and Girls Club of Central Alabama, Birmingham, AL Collaborative Solutions, Inc., Birmingham, AL Commonwealth Autism, Richmond, VA Council on Aging of Etowah County, Gadsden, AL Council on Quality and Leadership, Towson,[…]
By Lydia Alcock | August 24, 2017 Read More>

Do's and Don'ts of a Strategic Planning Retreat

As an executive director, board member, and Licensed Consultant through the Standards for Excellence Institute®, I have attended and administered multiple strategic planning retreats. These getaways have the best of intentions – advancing the mission and vision of the organization, building a closer relationship between board and staff, updating the strategic plan to reflect current and emerging reality, and finding new solutions to persistent issues.The Standards for Excellence® Code identifies[…]
By Rob Levit | August 21, 2017 Read More>

Choose Your Own Adventure: 5 Steps to a Sustainable Strategic Plan

Life is like a “choose your own adventure” book.With each choice we make, our adventure changes. With one big difference. In a “choose your own adventure” book, we don’t know where the decisions will lead us (unless we look at the end). But in real life, we’re pretty good at anticipating consequences – if we think of it. It’s one of the things that makes us human. Consider – if you look backward, you can probably describe the path that led you to live where you live, work where you work, love[…]
By Susan Detwiler | July 24, 2017 Read More>
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