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Standards for Excellence Leaders Weigh in on NANOE, per Nonprofit Quarterly

Standards for Excellence leaders weighed in on the controversial National Association of Nonprofit Organization Executives (NANOE) in a recent article from Nonprofit Quarterly. “What NANOE is proposing goes against every teaching out there, whether it be from the Standards for Excellence or Board Source,” said Daniel Billingsley, vice president of external affairs at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, a national Replication Partner of the Standards for Excellence Institute. Amy Coates Madsen, director of the Standards for Excellence Institute at Maryland Nonprofits, said, “One of the hallmarks for the nonprofit sector in the United States is that these organizations with public purposes are led by people with a dedication to the mission. We don’t want to encourage situations where there are conflicts of interest in any way. We don’t want to appear as organizations masquerading as small businesses.” Read the full article.
By Lydia Alcock | April 19, 2017 | Press
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