Promoting Excellence and Trust in the Nonprofit Sector

Author: Colin Fedor

Operating at Home: Proper Controls during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This has been an exceedingly stressful time for people, a time of uncertainty and mixed messages and having to adapt to a new style of operations. For some, this pandemic has meant that operations have ceased; but, for many, your programs continue.Your nonprofit's revenue may be significantly lower for the next few months now that physical interaction is a safety hazard, and stay-at-home orders are in effect in many states. Nonprofit fundraisers and programming cannot proceed as anticipated, and[…]
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What Should My Social Media Policy Look Like?

This is part of a special series, brought to you by the Standards for Excellence Institute, to provide nonprofit leaders with a brief nonprofit governance and management tip weekly over the course of 2020. We hope these short tips will be helpful to you and the nonprofits you serve. If you have suggestions for future topics, please forward these to your website is certainly a good start for introducing yourself to the public, if you are seeking to engage[…]
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