Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility Recognized by the Standards for Excellence Institute

March 9th, 2017|

The Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU) has successfully completed the requirements for Standards Basics recognition. DESEU participated in the Standards for Excellence program through the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA), a Standards for Excellence Replication Partner.

Striving for Excellence: The Delaplaine Receives Reaccreditation

March 5th, 2017|

The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, a Maryland-based nonprofit, was recently reaccredited by the Standards for Excellence Institute. The Delaplaine has been accredited under the Standards since 2003. Catherine Moreland, Delaplaine CEO, discusses the reaccreditation process in the Spring 2017 issue of Delaplaine Arts magazine.

Hoboken Parish Kicks Through Veil of Financial Secrecy, per National Catholic Reporter

February 2nd, 2017|

The National Catholic Reporter spoke with Msgr. Robert S. Meyer, pastor of the first Catholic parish to become Standards for Excellence accredited - the Catholic Community of Saints Peter and Paul - regarding their decision to earn accreditation."The goal is that prudent stewardship is a vehicle 'so you can pass it over to the next generation.'"

Standards for Best Practice Ministry

January 30th, 2017|

Peter Denio, Program Manager for Standards for Excellence Replication Partner the Leadership Roundtable, was recently featured on the Catholic Campus Ministry Association Leadership Podcast and discussed the Standards for Excellence and how "management is significant part of any role of any ministry." Listen now.

Standards for Excellence Ethics Standards Committee Advances Nonprofit Transparency and Accountability

December 15th, 2016|

The Standards for Excellence Institute, an initiative designed to help nonprofit organizations operate more ethically and accountably, announces its 2017 Ethics Standards Committee. The National Ethics Standards Committee is charged with overseeing the accreditation and recognition program of the Standards for Excellence Institute.

Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant Program Celebrates “Ten Years of Advancing Excellence”

December 15th, 2016|

OFFICIAL RELEASE: In May 2016, the Standards for Excellence Institute’s Licensed Consultant program celebrated its tenth anniversary and “Ten Years of Advancing Excellence.” The Standards for Excellence Institute promotes fundamental values in the nonprofit sector such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility, and accountability, all of which are inherently important in the nonprofit world.