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Sharolyn Payton

Payton Place Coaching & Consulting

Cordova, Tennessee


 Sharolyn Payton

I am passionate about developing human potential through a social-justice framework. I am a Certified Master Coach, trainer, and consultant, whose mission is to elevate and shift the social paradigm of individuals, nonprofit organizations, women and minority owned businesses, and the global community. I provide coaching support, consulting, and project management to new (0-1 year) and veteran nonprofit clients. I help nonprofit leaders and organizations to improve their leadership and management practices. I assist organizations and individuals who are struggle to either clearly identify, articulate, and/or implement the objectives of their organization's mission or strategic plan. I provide workforce-focused training, reentry, and transition support to those impacted by the justice system. Additionally, I provide coaching, counseling, and transition assistance to military service members, veterans, their families and caregivers in Kaiserslautern, Germany and Ramstein, Germany. Additionally, I provide nonprofit board development, board/staff retreat planning and facilitation, team building, and leadership development workshops focused on diversity, inclusion and equity. I not only serve nonprofit organizations, I work with clergy, teachers, activists, politicians, community organizers, grassroots leaders, and top-level corporate executives across a wide range of disciplines and industries.