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Linda Rhoads

Hairuo Consulting LLC

48 Mulard Court
Severna Park, MD


Am I making an impact…on people’s lives…in my community…for a better world?"  "How am I living my life in service of others?"  These questions have been a thread throughout Linda’s life – guiding her creative instincts with cutting edge techniques to amplify the work of leaders for maximum impact. With an eye toward transformational change and personal-professional alignment, Linda loves working with clients who are seeking new perspectives and paradigms, more strategic ways of operating and greater fulfillment in their lives.  During 10 years with a global 500 corporation, public service within two natural resource agencies, and as executive director of three nonprofit organizations, she honed her skills in professional and leadership development, facilitation, coaching, education and training, organizational development, capacity building, stakeholder and partnership cultivation, strategic process design, and systemic change.  After discovering that environmental education was an amalgamation of her passions, Linda immersed herself in the world of conceptual understanding, contextual frameworks, and critical and systems thinking. She was honored to receive state and national awards for her role in achieving policy solutions for better education, healthy kids and a clean environment.

Linda is drawn to serving individuals, teams, organizations and agencies working in service of others or for the greater good in the world. She’s had the privilege of contributing her talents in key leadership roles for a plethora of innovative projects. Here are a few noteworthy highlights…  œ-  Leading a two-week “mobile” leadership clinic along the Columbia River from the headwaters in British Columbia to the Oregon coast for 10 teams of educators, policy makers and other community leaders œ-  Planning and facilitating a multi-day strategy summit for teams from six New England states to design their state environmental literacy plans œ-  Facilitating three-day leadership clinics in Taiwan œ-  Designing advocacy strategies and state-level leadership coaching for the successful bipartisan passage of state and federal legislation œ-  Participating in a White House summit on women and the environment  After completion of the rigorous Essential Facilitation training at Interaction Associates in the early 1990’s, Linda bases her group process and facilitation on this powerful model. She also completed an intense, five month (104 hours) ICF-accredited coach training course with the Coaches Training Institute. Additionally, Linda is certified to administer and implement a number of personal and professional growth frameworks including The Leadership Circle Profile, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Everything DiSC® leadership, communications, and team building solution.  With a focus on training and development, Linda earned her Master of Science degree in Adult and Community College Education with a minor in science education from North Carolina State University.

Her undergraduate degrees are in geography (B.A.) and psychology (B.S.) from Stetson University.  As an avid kayaker, Linda seeks any opportunity to revel in and be humbled by our natural world and the amazing wildlife around us – especially on the water. You are likely to find her with binoculars and an assortment of field guides in any season or weather. As a Maryland native, Linda is glad to be “home” again after education and career opportunities lured her to Florida, North Carolina and Oregon.