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Bruce Tabb

Ellensburg, WA


Bruce has worked with nonprofits for more than 30 years.  Prior to working in the field, he started two small businesses growing both to success and sale to investors.  His entry into the nonprofit world began with employment to develop programs which entailed property acquisition and development, staff recruitment and management, as well as, policy and budget development and implementation.  In his current position, he has overseen an agency growth  from 35 employees to more than 225 people with revenue increasing similarly. That growth led to strategic and tactical  planning, enhanced governance, improved data based management systems, and internal and external financial reporting systems.  His public service has been marked by the ability to knit disparate interests into the successful development and implementation of a broad range of public policy initiatives.

Throughout his career, whether in the public or private sector, he has demonstrated leadership valuing entrepreneurial innovation, accountability, and empowerment for all, a core belief in the power and empowerment of each person, extensive advocacy for systems change and improvements, and a long history of advocacy for individuals, and a commitment to building inclusive communities.

Since 2004, consulting services have been offered to non-profits, businesses, and the public sector.

  • Strategic Planning: Development and implementation of organizational and business plans.
  • Business Development: Assisted non-profits, small businesses, and individuals to develop and implement business plans, obtain capital, and become operational and sustainable.
  • Program Development: Supported non-profits and individuals with disabilities to develop person centered services, expanded and enhanced services and programs
  • Non-Profit Development—Defining charitable mission, preparing and submitting IRS application, board and organizational development
  • Financial Reporting--worked with agencies to develop understandable, useable financial information systems.
  • Governance--developed policies and procedure to ensure organizational transparency and compliance.

Knowledge, experience, and common sense are the core of what Bruce brings. He is looking forward to using his expertise to help your nonprofit achieve its potential.

All services have drawn on his knowledge, experience, and common sense.