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Accredited and recognized organizations are expected to continue applying the benchmarks of the Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector within their governance and operations throughout the term of their accreditation or recognition. At any time, individuals may report a concern or allegation against an accredited or recognized organization if they feel the organization is not abiding by the Standards for Excellence code. This concern may come from someone within the organization itself, from the public, or from Standards for Excellence staff or volunteer reviewers. The Institute does not assume wrongdoing on the part of the organization on the basis of any public or private allegation. The Institute may conduct an investigation of the allegation. The organization and the Institute shall each bear all of their own costs related to any such investigation. The organization will be given the opportunity to respond to reports made against their organization. If it is determined that the organization is not adhering to the benchmarks of the Standards for Excellence code, the organization’s accreditation or recognition may be terminated and the Seal of Excellence removed.

The Standards for Excellence Institute does not accept allegations against organizations that are not accredited or recognized under the Standards for Excellence program. Please check our directory of accredited and recognized organizations prior to submitting your concern.

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